Arredondo v. The University of La Verne

United States District Court, Central District of California
Case No. 2:20-cv-7665-MCS-RAO

Submit Election Form by February 17, 2023

Submit Election Form


All University of La Verne traditional undergraduate students excluding students in the Campus Accelerated Program for Adults, who paid tuition and/or the Mandatory Fees at La Verne's Main/Central campus location during the Spring 2020 term/semester.


PARTICIPATE: As described more fully in the notice, to participate in the settlement you do not need to do anything. You will receive a check upon approval of the Settlement by the Court at your last known mailing address. However, if you want to receive your payment in electronic form, or you wish to provide updated contact information, then you should fill out, sign and return the Election Form to the Settlement Claims Administrator by February 17, 2023 – or utilize the website that has been established for this case.

EXCLUDE YOURSELF: If you wish to exclude yourself (“opt-out”) from the Lawsuit, you must follow the directions outlined in response to Question 7 on the notice.

OBJECT: You may write to the Court about why you believe the settlement is unfair or unreasonable. If the Court rejects your objection, you will still be bound by the terms of the Settlement unless you validly and timely exclude yourself. You will not be bound by the Settlement if you opt-out of this action as described herein. If you object you may request to speak to the Court about the fairness of the settlement and the Court may set a schedule for such a hearing.

PARTICIPATE: Any Class Member who does not timely submit an Opt-Out Statement pursuant to this Agreement will be deemed to have accepted the Settlement and the terms of this Agreement, will be bound by the Approval Order, and will have any Released Claims released and dismissed with prejudice. Additionally, you will not be allowed to pursue claims against ULV, separately or as part of this Lawsuit.